Masonry Contractors specializing in Restoration


 "I hired Buccigrossi  Building & Masonry to restore the exterior of my brick storefronts.  There was an estimated 26 coats of paint on the brick which were  miraculously stripped, cleaned, pointed, and caulked."
                                           John Balistrieri 

 "Dominic  cleaned and restored the 100 year old bricks to a brand-new appearance.  The Buccigrossi dependability was a relief to deal with compared to  other contractors. What impressed me most is Dominic's commitment to his  projects and personal pride in satisfying his customers."
       Janet Scullion
                            Editor, Spiritof Bloomfield

 "Mr. Buccigrossi has given  us a detailed analysis and a most competitive bid. In the specialized  field of building restoration, his broad range of information has been  helpful in our decision making."
              Claudio Leone                                Maintenance Supervisor
                               Thermal Industries, Inc. 

 "Buccigrossi Building and  Masonry has done several major construction jobs for us including a  garage, basement walls and roof work. They were prompt, fairly priced  and always followed up on any concerns or issues. In fact they came a  few times on weekends to get necessary work done in time for other work.  I find them professional and thorough and would consider using them  again for any building work." T 

 "MR. Buccigrossi is a very  professional contractor. He would go above and beyond to be sure the job  was done the right way, unlike other contractors I have used in years  passed. He's work crew is also very professional and pleasant to have  had in my beautiful home. I have no problem calling Dominic for future  projects."
                                      Dr. Goldstein 

 "We have used Buccigrossi  Building and Masonry for a few years on a high profile building with  excellent results. He is timely and costs come in at, or under,  estimates. The quality of his work is superior. Last year I used the  'low bidder' on a large exterior stairway exposed to weather and winter  salting. This year Buccigrossi had to replace the more than 400 iineal  feet of work and we won't have to worry about it for years to come" 

 "His  prices are competitive, his work is of a high quality and his crew  pleasant and willing to work with tight time constraints."
                                                  Laura Shelley

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it. "Personally, I trust  Dominic Buccigrossi to provide quality service at a fair price with a  personal touch. That combination is a rare one today."
                                Ronald J. Wasilak, Ph.D.
                                 Allegheny Valley School 

  "Dominic and his crew fixed my leaking flat rubber roof which was in  disrepair after the winter thaw last year. the roof had issues due to  its age but Dominic found and repaired every possible spot water could  leak and did maintenence repair work on all the seems to seal the entire  roof like new. In short all problems were solved and the roof is leak  free."